Radical 200

From $39,000

Radical 20′ the flag ship of our medium sized RIB’s comes with centre and side consul version, it has the 20″ deep V hull giving this model fantastic speed, manoeuvrability and performance.

Radical 20′ will perform with a range of engines from 90hp – 150hp, giving this boat great economical value as well.

This boat is great for sports enthusiasts, with its stainless steel towing pole fixed firmly through to the hull. It is also easy to tow and slip into the water.

All round seating and lounger options as standard across the whole range with plenty of options from colours to navigation equipment.

Length 20’ / 6.2m
Width 8’ / 2.45m
Inside Length 18’ / 5.45m
Inside Width 4’6” / 1.4m
Tube Diameter 21” / 52cm
Air Chambers 6
Maximum Passengers 10
Dry Weight without Engine 1322lbs / 600KG
Maximum Loading 2965lbs / 1345KG
Maximum Engine HP 150
Engine Shaft 25”

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