Radical 250

From $63,250

Radical 25′ RIB is built with the standard 20’V hull with harder chines.

The 25′ has the harder chines to give greater speed and turning capability at higher speeds. It is a fantastic work boat with leisure and passenger layouts available.

Deck boat with centre consul and seating all round with convertible loungers, tables and a head as standard. 25′ (7.5m) RIB is in a class of its own with our stand out A Frame with lights and tube steps.

It can be fitted with one and two engine transoms with the ability to take up to 300hp.

Our standard options are available in both models.

Length 24’6” / 7.5m
Width 9’6” / 2.93m
Inside Length 21’7” / 6.6m
Inside Width 5’4” / 1.65m
Tube Diameter 25” / 63cm
Air Chambers 8
Maximum Passengers 16
Dry Weight without Engine 2425lbs / 1100KG
Maximum Loading 3968lbs / 1800KG
Maximum Engine HP 300
Engine Shaft 25”

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